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The word Buyer describes the entity or individual placing the order.

Solutions or products represent the order that the buyer has placed with the seller.


When the order is completely processed, all payments are due. In case, a payment is not obtained or the mode of payment is incorrect, the order will not be processed and the buyer deserts the ownership of any products due to non-payment.

Delivery Policies

Delivery charges will be paid by the buyer in the amount counting on the order worth, at the time of purchase. The seller will not be entrusted any damages to the order throughout shipping. In addition, the seller will take all steps to make sure that the order stays secured from loss, damage, or any kind of damage throughout its delivery.

Refund/Return Policy

This covers our time to choose the crucial things from stock, check, prepare accreditation reports, and pack/ship the order. Personalized order Test Blocks and Suggestion Standards, and Take A Look At Blocks that have laser-engraved company logo style designs aren't approved for return. In order to secure our efficiency history for quality and quality, we ask that any items returned to our center get here in like-new condition.


An order may be canceled up till work starts or payment has truly been processed, whichever is earliest. The buyer is accountable for the payment on all orders canceled after starting or payment.


Any problems with items or the seller should be emailed to our help group at

We will do our outright best to aid with the scenario. Each case will be taken a look at individually and throughout this time, the seller will remain in touch with the buyer.


As quickly as the buyer has received the items or services, the seller will not be responsible for any health or security problems. If any damage is sustained from the items gotten by the buyer, the seller will bear no duty.

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Our main aim at With Legacy is to restore the voice of the people. Empowering our community by partnering with important projects, social causes and showcasing innovation.


With Legacy is known for creating collectable numbered clothing. Everything we make has the Volume number (collection number) and your own individual number embroidered onto the sleeve.


To ensure our clothing keeps its value and for future utility we also provide an Token per item. This Token will then be used for future events, parties and special deals for our community.


Volume 1 ✓
Journey Collection. Focusing on struggle to strength stories. 1,000 pieces of clothing given to young people in need through charity partnerships such as Sister System and people of Ukraine through UNICEF.

Volume 2 - April 2022
Generations Collection. Spotlighting what we can do to help the next generations. 1 tree planted each item bought.

Volume 3 - November 2022
Fight Collection. Giving a platform for those voices that are discriminated against, not heard or ignored. We will support 100 cases of discrimination through a charity partnership with SARI.

Volume 4 - March 2023
Dream collection. Focusing on peoples dreams and visions. 1000 school meals will be distributed (charity partner pending).

With Legacy have partnerships planned with Digital Tokens and Web 3 projects and Metaverse clubs. These will be exclusive drops and will feature on the site sporadically throughout the year.


Everything we do, we do with Legacy in mind. Each drop we spotlight key stories and voices that need to be heard.

Our CEO George Wells David explains the origin of With Legacy and its core values in the video shown in this page.


Here at With Legacy, we’re big on sustainability – which is why all our fabrics are ethically sourced from Portugal, our textile manufacturers are morally responsible and we use 100% recyclable packaging. Oh, and all of our high-quality pieces wash best at low temperatures which helps you save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. In essence, you can shop With Legacy with a clear conscience and rest assured knowing that your garment has been made with high-quality fabric.