Volume 1: Journey


The next time you find yourself in a crowded train station, or in the hustle bustle of a busy street, pause and look around at the nameless faces passing by. Every stranger holds behind unfamiliar eyes a lifetime filled with stories. A rhizomatic web of personal trajectories, marked by intersecting paths; of fear and growth, pain and healing, love and heartbreak. When we get caught up in our own lives and networks, it’s easy to forget that we are all connected in this way. Each story is unique, but the shared experience of challenge and resilience is universal. We all, inevitably, have more in common than what is apparent on the surface.


For our inaugural collection, “The Journey,” we drew inspiration from empowering narratives of struggle transforming into strength. Three collaborating creatives - Sophia Thakur, Christian Nnochiri, and Frankie Wade, shared their personal journeys through overcoming hardship, finding their voices, and eventually flourishing in their chosen careers. The raw vulnerability of these narratives are presented alongside bold contemporary pieces in our SS21 portfolio. This collection serves as a reminder that personal expression goes beyond the clothing we wear; it manifests itself through the stories we tell, the journeys we embark on, and the legacies we build along the way.

Through these stories and these garments, we hope to share the message that with courage and perseverance, hardship leads to resilience. In this journey of life, your struggle becomes your strength.

It becomes your legacy.

Chris Jammer

Is the cofounder of the music festival Strawberries and Creem, as well as a charity ambassador for Grief Encounter, a UK Bereavement Charity.

Sophia Thakur

Is a spoken-word poet, storyteller and award winning author. She has spoken on Ted Talk stages, TV as well as now featuring in a book with Stormzy.

Frankie Wade

Is an actor and spoken word poet. His creative work centers on mental health awareness, connection, longing, and universal experiences of humanity.


Volume 2.

With Legacy’s second collection, upcoming in 2022, explores how culture, memory and knowledge is passed down from generation to generation. What are some ways of the values reserved and transmitted to younger family members? How does a generation so accustomed to constant innovation and progress pay tribute to their own cultural and family histories? What effects do generational gaps have on families marked by immigration, displacement and assimilation? In Volume II, we seek out narratives about honouring the wisdom and experience of our predecessors, while also striving to carve out our own legacies in a rapidly changing world.