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Butterfly Pullover

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Introducing our premium organic cotton pullover, featuring a unique QR code that unlocks the story behind the design. This grey unisex pullover is inspired  by the lyricism of Hendrix's song "Little Wing"

The vibrant orange details on the pullover symbolize the dynamic and spirited essence encapsulated in the song. Just as intriguing as the design itself is the narrative behind the product. By utilizing the QR code, you'll unravel the tale of Jimi Hendrix, his musical odyssey, and the profound meaning that his songs carry. Constructed from high-quality organic cotton, this pullover marries comfort with style, making it a perfect addition to your everyday attire. Secure yours now and immerse yourself in the captivating backstory of the design.

Gender: Male
Size: XS
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Gender: Male
Size: XS

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