Our story

With Legacy is a North London based fashion brand that launched just over a year ago, it’s known for creating technical and fashion-forward clothing at an attainable price.


Our main aim at With Legacy is to restore the voice of the people – hence, we encourage our community to speak up. Through the QR code we share voices and stories that matter. Our Volume 1 collection is about the Journey, looking at destigmatizing struggle.


Each drop of clothing will stand for different voices. Volume 1: Journey has partnered with MIND to help mental health around the world. Volume 2: Generational coming out early next year will highlight amazing things that people are doing to help the world. A tree will be planted for every item sold.


Each drop With Legacy produced is a one off with no re-release in any form. Each With Legacy piece is embroidered with a number between V1.001 – V1.500. This reminds the wearer that their garm is of a limited nature and has been crafted sustainably to the highest quality.


With Legacy is more than just a fashion label, it’s a space to share powerful stories. Members of our community are encouraged to use their voice, and our apparel prompts them to embrace their idiosyncrasies via its own uniqueness.

There are three key components to look out for on every With Legacy piece: the embroidered number between V1.001 – V1.500 that signifies the limited nature of the garm, the printed QR code that grants you access to our inclusive Community page, and a conspicuous reference to the collection’s story.

These three components combined with our emphasis on timeless design and sustainability set us apart from the rest.