Next time you're in a bustling train station or a busy street, pause and observe the anonymous faces around you. Each stranger carries a lifetime of stories—interwoven experiences of fear, growth, pain, healing, love, and heartbreak. Although it's easy to forget amidst our own lives, we're all connected through these universal challenges and triumphs. Our similarities run deeper than surface appearances.

The fusion of contemporary designs and meaningful messages creates a wardrobe that transcends aesthetics, offering a tangible reminder of the resilience and courage within each of us.

With Legacy's Volume 1 collection stands as a testament to the power of overcoming adversity and the importance of forging our own paths. By wearing these stylish and inspired pieces, you not only make a statement with your fashion choices but also embody the transformative power of perseverance and self-belief.


Discover "The Journey," our debut collection celebrating the power of overcoming adversity and transforming struggles into strengths. Featuring Blood Orange and Clean Cut Kid's inspiring artistic narratives, each piece incorporates a hint of orange, symbolizing their vibrant spirit. Our SS21 collection combines raw, emotional stories with bold contemporary designs, highlighting that personal expression extends beyond clothing—it's about shared stories, life paths, and the legacies we create. Embrace the resilience that emerges from courage and perseverance, and let your struggles forge your strength and legacy.

Blood Orange

Devonté Hynes, known by his artistic pseudonym Blood Orange, is a formidable presence in today's music landscape. His captivating sound defies categorization, blending R&B, funk, and indie rock elements with his distinctive touch, creating a mesmerizing listening experience that stirs the soul. As a pioneering icon in the music world, Blood Orange consistently pushes creative boundaries, fearlessly collaborating with others and transcending traditional artistic constraints.


Clean Cut Kid

Clean Cut Kid, an energetic English indie-pop band from Liverpool, was formed in 2012 and features Mike Halls, Evelyn Halls, Ross Higginson, and Gareth Bullock. Their debut single, "Vitamin C," released in 2015, showcases the band's talent for creating catchy tunes with empowering messages about transforming life's struggles into strength. As a rising force in the music industry, Clean Cut Kid continues to inspire and uplift audiences with their unique sound and captivating lyrics.