How much does shipping cost?

It's free for all orders of 2 items or more.

Do you ship worldwide?


Are the garments true to size?

The garms run large for a loose fit, if you prefer your fit more true to size order a size down.

How do I scan the QR code?

Turn on your camera and ensure the garm is flat. Scan from 6-12 inches away from the code. Any further issues email support team I will direct you to apps that can scan the code well.

Are all the numbers on the sleeves different?

Yes, all numbers are embroidered onto the garms from V1.001 all the way up to V1.400 for the Volume 1 collection. V2.001 all the way up to V2.500 for the Volume 2 collection,

Where are the materials from?

Our garms are made from 100% premium, organic cotton. All cotton is ethically sourced and manufactured to the highest standards.

How many more items are you going to release?

All Volume (1,2,3+) items will never be released again. Each drop is exclusive and limited.

What is a Token?

A Token is a one-of-a-kind digital card that can be used for parties, events and is a authentication token for your Legacy clothing.

If I need to return an item what do I do?

To Return an item send us an email on support@withlegacy.com

Once we respond and confirm the refund and return. We will confirm our returns address with you.

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