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At With Legacy, our mission is to highlight the most impactful and inspiring stories of the past. Empowering our community by partnering with meaningful projects, amplifying important voices and promoting innovation.


With Legacy creates one-of-a-kind, highly collectable clothing, each piece featuring its own unique Volume (collection) number and individual number, expertly embroidered or printed on the sleeve. Join the elite group of fashion enthusiasts and collectors, owning a piece of With Legacy's limited-edition collections.


Every piece of clothing has a story and our QR code allows you to discover the inspiration and legacy story behind the designs. With our collaborations and partnerships, the QR code is used for exclusive events, private music playlists and hidden stories with every scan.


With Legacy is known for its innovative and fashion-forward collaborations with other brands and artists.

The brand partners with a variety of companies and individuals, including fashion labels, musicians, and events companies to create unique and exciting experiences for its customers. From wearable ticketing to music listening parties, With Legacy's collaborations push the boundaries of fashion and technology.


At With Legacy, we are driven by a passion for creating meaningful and impactful experiences through fashion and technology. From each collection we release, to every collaboration we undertake, we strive to spotlight key stories and voices that deserve to be heard.

Our CEO George Wells David takes you behind the scenes and shares the inspiration and core values that guide With Legacy. Join us on a journey to make a difference, and leave your own legacy.


At With Legacy, we're not just about fashion, we're about creating extraordinary experiences through the perfect combination of style and technology.

We use only the finest fabrics to craft our clothing and have a clear vision of the future- where wearable tech is an integral part of everyday life. Whether it's collaborating with other brands in the fashion industry, music industry or events companies, we bring a fresh, bold and innovative approach to streetwear style clothing. Join us on the cutting edge of fashion and technology.