With Legacy is a North London based unisex fashion brand that launched in late 2021, it’s known for creating technical and fashion-forward clothing. As a new brand we have already featured on the BBC, fashion pages and showcased by fashion bloggers around the world. The best thing is we have only just started...



Our main aim at With Legacy is to showcase inspiring stories. Empowering our community by partnering with important projects, voices and showcasing innovation.


With Legacy is known for creating collectable numbered clothing. Everything we make has the Volume number (collection number) and your own individual number embroidered or printed onto the sleeve.


Our QR code is used in many ways depending on the partnership. In some cases it is scanned as a wearable ticket, in other cases it is scanned to showcase private music. We have even used our QR's to give customers their own NFT's.


The future of ticketing and events is wearable tech and digital tokens.

With Legacy have planned partnerships with Events, Musicians, Digital Tokens and Web 3 projects. These will be exclusive drops and will feature on the site sporadically throughout the year.


Everything we do, we do with Legacy in mind. Each drop we spotlight key stories and voices that need to be heard.

Our CEO George Wells David explains the origin of With Legacy and its core values in the video shown in this page.


Here at With Legacy, we’re big on quality – which is why all our fabrics are the best you can get.

We have a clear vision and believe that wearable tech is the future. We produce clothing for collaborations in all sectors in a simple streetwear style.