With Legacy is more than just a unisex fashion label, it’s a movement to restore the voice of the people. We will be heard.

Each With Legacy item is individually numbered: the number of the piece can be found embroidered onto the sleeve.

A QR code can also be found on each garb which scans to powerful stories.

Join us by picking up an item. Join us as we make it count.


The Journey – our inaugural collection – is for you.

This is for all those people who are misunderstood, underrepresented, forgotten by society.

We’re here to remind you: You are not alone. 
In today’s society, everyone is dealing with their own struggles. 

Life is our teacher - and we are getting stronger each and every day. 

Here you can discover and share the struggle-to-strength stories of some of Britain’s most inspiring young talents. 

100% of profits from this drop are donated to Mind Charity on your behalf.

Journey With Legacy is for you.


We Are Fair. We ethically source all our fabrics from Portugal and we exclusively work with virtuous factories that pay above the minimum wage. So we rest easy knowing that the process is not only fair and sustainable - but of the highest quality.

We Are Sustainable. Not only does our fabric look and feel good, but it also washes best at low temperatures, reducing CO2 emissions and saving energy. 

This is how we will leave our legacy.